My Photography Philosophy

Calm. Peace. Relaxation. Communion with nature, and with the source of nature. The melting away of stress and strain.

These are the sentiments I experience at the side of a brook as it bubbles and gurgles and makes the pebbles in its bed rattle like glass marbles in a boy’s pocket as it meanders through lush, shaded woods. I re-imagen the sweet scent of flowers and hear the buzz of bees.

I find a different form of inspiration when standing on the shore as a fiery sun paints our encompassing dome with brilliant reds and oranges as it seems to settle into the ocean for the night. The sky fades from one blue to another, then to purple, and finally to black, until nature herself seems to be taking her renewing rest. 

These are the feelings I seek to infuse in my imagery. I hope you enjoy letting me share them with you.

A Little Bit about Me...

I’m Bob. (I’m Robert J. Olsson, if you’re being formal.)

Chapter one of my life was spent in the Navy. I began as a seaman recruit (E-1), finished as a Lieutenant Commander (O-4, equivalent to a Major). I'm retired from the Navy after a 20 year career split between active duty and reserve service. I’ve been an electronics technician and the supply officer of a fast-attack submarine. I served in the reserves as a general supply officer in a Seabee unit, an operations and a training officer in a Cargo Handling Battalion, and a logistics officer with a Military Sealift Command unit. 

I was an audiologist in chapter two, my civilian life. I practiced that profession I practiced for close to 30 years. (Audiologist is to ears as optometrist is to eyes.) I’m proud to have had the opportunity to work my final five years at Naval Medical Center San Diego, the highlight of my career.

Over the years I’ve collected a Bachelor’s degree (Grand Valley State), two Masters’ degrees (Education, USC; Audiology, San Diego State) and a Doctorate of Audiology (Western Michigan University).  

During this whole time, I've had a camera in hand. 

I am now in chapter three of my life, dividing my time between going out and creating images and volunteering for my parish.

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